17-minute short film by Shah Rukh Khan  acting

17-minute short film by Shah Rukh Khan acting

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Social media associated with a famous person coming trend of extremely old and inadvertently video has grown in recent months. These social media activation of the command of celebrities nowadays we are seeing the old movies and videos in which he himself probably would have forgotten. Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan is now in the world of Internet video venues is about 25 years old. In 1991 they built a “great debt” video, a short film in which the lead role was played by Shah Rukh Khan. The 17-minute short film by King Khan’s acting, you will realize how he became King Khan.

YouTube SRKInMyBlood posted by Shah Rukh Khan’s Old classic short film “great debt” to the viral video is fast and quite like the way the people of Khan is coming. Shah Rukh Khan, the film was directed by theater Lknpas Dinesh friend. The short film was created over Easter, the day believed that Jesus lived again after the crucifixion was.

The short film, Shah Rukh made a local chef Kchanji. His sharp wit, he managed to win the confidence of the chef but the treasures are the responsibility on them lose it in gambling. SRK films before going on television series and films such as the military and worked in the circus. But this short film about Shah Rukh has not ever mention.

Who uploaded this video on YouTube channel claimed that written description of the short film for the film, SRK 3000 were Rs. SRK not only forgotten the short film are cinematographer Binod Pradhan, but it can also be taken, which is named after the actor through films like Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman and associated Devdas.


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