Alcohol, mother, sister and sister-in-law raped

Alcohol, mother, sister and sister-in-law raped

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The Datia police have arrested four people belonging to the same family. He is accused of killing a boy who was addicted to alcohol from the family. It is being told that the person who was murdered raped his mother, sister and sister-in-law many times.

According to Geetia Bhardwaj, SDO of Datia Police, this gruesome information was given by the family members only when they were asked about their 24-year-old boy. The body of the deceased was found on 12 November from Gopaldas Hill area.

Geeta Bhardwaj said, ‘Sushil’s body was found on November 12 and postmortem report showed that he died due to strangulation. After proving his identity, it was discovered that he was addicted to alcohol and his family members were fed up with him. The family members, during interrogation, confessed to the murder of the accused member of the rape. He said that after drinking alcohol, he raped his mother, sister and sister in law many times.

The father of the deceased said in his confession that his son came home drunk on November 11 and tried to rape the younger brother’s wife.

The father said, He had done this many times before too, so we killed him and put the dead body near Gopal Das Hill.

Police have arrested the deceased’s father, his wife, younger son and younger son’s wife. All four were presented in court on Monday. The court sent him to judicial custody.


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