Amazon Rainforest Fire

Amazon Rainforest Fire

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One of planet Earth’s most densely-forested regions is on fire, as we sit and watch in muted horror. Here, in India, a debate has been raging as to how media influencers, especially travel bloggers and photographers, should care more about the Western Ghats and the Aarey Forest back home. While yes, we need to protect these as well, there is no lessening the horror that has unfolded in the Amazon. More so, if you are able to look at the bigger picture, beyond borders and believe that your home is not a nation but the planet in entirety.

If you still cannot, these photos from the havoc that is wreaking in the Amazon are for you; horrific enough to wake us up from slumber, and drive home the authenticity of the environmental imbalance that is clearly not tipping in the planet’s favour.

The rainforest has been on fire for three weeks now. Reportedly, these fires have been caused by human interference, as fire has been used to clear land for farming and other human practices. As of now, these fires have been raging in Amazonas, Rondonia, Para and Mato Grosso. The Amazon is home to more than 10% of the world’s biodiversity, and is aptly referred to as “lungs of the world”, highlighting how harmful these fires can be.

The fires are so massive that NASA has managed to capture the same from space, releasing images on Twitter as well.

As of now, members of the G7 Summit on Sunday, pledged an aid of $20 million to help fight the fires. It has also been reported that Brazil, in all probability, will reject the aid. A number of organisations, including Greenpeace are working to curb the fires and help rehabilitate the forests.


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