Azam Khan’s controversial remarks, said Muslims dog

Azam Khan’s controversial remarks, said Muslims dog

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Uttar Pradesh  Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan Srar minister in stature and has a long association disputes. When he began to speak words from their mouths instead of stepping dispute. And the language spoken by the Khan’s control is over when they do not even realize it stays. His controversial statements list is long. But this time he made the statement that it would not have passed off as his most controversial statements.

Bulandshahr Azam Khan at an event in the Muslim society took its target. His outburst was so out of Aaiaimaim Asududdin against Owaisi, but do not know when it will target Azam himself was Muslim. Muslim Khan said the dogs are equal to 80 per cent. 80 per cent of Muslims are not fasting, lie. She was not of his own dog is the equivalent.

Indeed Azam Khan was speaking at an event in Bulandshahr’s crooked. Owaisi billboards were engaged in the program. But he broke the same. He pulled it out fiercely against Owaisi. Azam Khan Owaisis RSS and BJP agents. He took money from party politics of vote-cutting. Owaisis are working in favor of the BJP in UP.

Azam Khan in his statements to the media placed JD. Khan took a dig at the media to the media violence works. The media were conducted in Muzaffarnagar riots. Azam said the media did not show the rioters and rapists. He said that the media will stay in your limits. Azam Khan’s mouth series of controversial statements Thamega go where it’s hard to say now. But Muslim Khan opposed the statement is supposed to be.


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