Bell will Shahabuddin or prison, the Supreme Court decided today to be heard

Bell will Shahabuddin or prison, the Supreme Court decided today to be heard

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A decade later, on September 10, RJD leader Mohammed Shahabuddin was released on bail in the Supreme Court will hear today. While hearing the bail petitions filed to fend off last Monday, the Supreme Court had sent a notice to Shahabuddin. Shahabuddin had to keep her side of the famous lawyer Ram Jethmalani. But he will not be present in court. The state government has also appointed a new lawyer.

Mo Chanda Babu accused of killing three sons. Shahabuddin was granted bail by the Patna High Court. Supreme Court bench of Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghosh and Justice Rai Bachchan will hear the case of granting bail. A senior advocate in the Supreme Court, the state government has decided to stand. Now the state government Dinesh Dwivedi, senior advocate of the Supreme Court on Monday will take part in the debate. Advocate Gopal Singh will cooperate with them at the hearing. Gopal Singh had sided with the government last year. Shahabuddin was made famous advocate Ram Jethmalani, lawyer Ram Jethmalani for personal reasons but will not be present in court. Shahabuddin Ahmed said his case to the Supreme Court and Shoaib will Shekaran.

Prashant Chandra Babu’s side will

Shahabuddin, former MP’s bail canceled, along with the state government to make Babu Sivan’s business funds separate from a petition (SLP) in the Supreme Court have filed. Chanda Babu, senior Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan on behalf of Shahabuddin bail to fend been debated.

Referring to another petition

Mohammad Shahabuddin bail by Patna High Court and the Supreme Court to challenge the petition is exposed. According to PTI petition killed the mother of the three brothers and the wife of Chandababu Kalawati Devi is described from. But Chandababu claim ignorance about the second plea.

Police involved in planning strategy

If the Supreme Court canceled the bail of Shahabuddin, former MP strongman ordered the immediate arrest of the strategy has also been drawn up. All arrangements to maintain law and order in Siwan have been. STF commando squad of Sivan (Chita) with additional police force from the surrounding districts have been put on alert.


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