Then broke out with India in Beijing, China’s flag will: Taiwan

Then broke out with India in Beijing, China’s flag will: Taiwan

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China Pdoshi Today almost all countries due to its diplomatic Sajiso make enemies sitting conspiracy against China, India is the way the plot remains the same all Pdoshi Mulco! Yu said China because of their disgusting actions is going to make quite isolated! Because of these evil intentions of Chin The world stood against him, if a country is supported by Pakistan and North Korea and any addition Pdoshi country or other country is not with him!

The situation today is that the neighboring country is angry with China and is looking for an opportunity, whether Japan, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea or Mongolia! China’s diplomatic efforts against Modi and he has been stressing all these anti-China countries be brought together! More recently, Tsai Eng Weng Taiwan’s president has said in a statement, “” China has no power, the Chinese are not in confusion! China has almost all the neighboring countries have made Satru! Today, China is seen as around her Satru ”

He further stated in his Vyan China if Taiwan ever eye can not show that a country like India which are suffering from the actions of China’s Taiwan come with it every day, when we went into Vijing have supplanted the flag of China!

Taiwan presidential office also said China knows just threatening, surrounded by enemies on all sides have had if China wants neighboring country China is the moment to show his worth! So we will follow the policy of an eye for an eye by China!

Vietnam, India and Taiwan like to tell you the Brahmos missile Interest expressed to buy, and they want to help India against China!


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