Doval Modi and that incite war are : Digvijay Singh

Doval Modi and that incite war are : Digvijay Singh

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Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Sunday termed Modi a person waging war. Surgical Strike Force on the ruling party accused of patting your back.

Digvijay Singh told CNN News 18, “before such a strike were. The difference in the rhetoric of the media is this act of patting the back. It has never happened before, because the earlier the better, the Prime Minister thought that these issues left over to the security forces.

The Congress leader said, “Today (BJP) Amit Shah and pats on the back are the people of the party. He and (NSA) Ajit Doval, are those who provoke war.”

Singh’s comments come at a time when the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has responded to the statement. Praising Prime Minister for the surgical strike Modi’s proud 100-inch 56-inch chest is now.

Chouhan at a function in Bhopal on Sunday, said: “He is now a 56-inch chest, but is 100 inches.”

Surgical Strike Army special forces had the night of September 28 to 29.


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