Fear of losing security breaches Pakistan-China separatist Geelani love

Fear of losing security breaches Pakistan-China separatist Geelani love

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Pakistan’s pro-Pakistan Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani once again spilling love lift. He whipped frozen by releasing a video to the government’s support for the independence of Kashmir and Pakistan-China has asked you for. Inflammatory and ally of Pakistan in the wake of separatist leaders to address the majority of these have been prevented, so is Gilani spoke via video message. Over the years there were leaders like Geelani enjoyment government facilities and now the government has decided to withdraw these facilities are restless Gilani.

People like Ali Geelani account of India, but Pakistan would sing. In his video message, he is accused of separatist leaders in India, which has drawn a list of journalists and businessmen are also killed. Gilani said Pakistan is sympathetic stating that Pakistan is their friend and well wisher. They give with China, Norway and Saudi Arabia, also thanked countries. He said New Zealand, Iran and the Organisation of Islamic Countries also want to thank them for their concern and so.

Gilani’s statement came at a time when the Central Government is thinking of withdrawing the protection of the separatist leaders. The evidence of terrorism from Pakistan into India despite separatist leaders to Pakistan lest the line the government has decided to withdraw their security and other counts. Leaders like Geelani quite frightened by this because there was a concern about security have lost their lives because they know that they are not Pakistani terrorists.

Let’s show that in several districts of the Kashmir Valley began after the death of terrorist violence Burhan Wani streak in two months is not issued. Is being constantly fueled miscreants, Pakistan spending huge money to be made in promoting the violence of media news. Gilani hinted that this round of violence in the Valley is not going to end now, it could also explain their motivations. Gilani has said his goal at the moment is very important that the circumstances are moorings. His statement indicates that incitement to violence and to promote Kashmir people like them is not far behind.


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