Geo also offers benefits without changing numbers put case

Geo also offers benefits without changing numbers put case

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Without changing the number of offers you can take advantage of the RJio. For this you will need to follow these steps. As soon as Reliance Jio launched attractive offers, take it and look at the people vying to use. That is why at this time to take the SIM RJio coming weeks waiting.
Those are tough, but is not getting easier SIM. There are some people who are thinking that they can port their number to find out whether Reliance Jio. So we tell you that your number be ported to Reliance Jio. For this all you need to complete a few important steps you through the numbers without changing the number portability become a customer of Rilayn Geo. So let’s know how to port your number in the Reliance Jio.

TRAI to number Message
First you try to make your port number to the number of messages. The number 1900. PORT written in capital letters, giving you space to write your complete number (PORT 99xx9xxx99) and the 1900 will give the message.

get code
Shortly after the message will have a message which port your number to get a code. Make a handle that code.

Live App Download
Live from the Google Play Store app, then download and then generate code through the offer.


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