Govt using uniform civil code to divert attention, says AIMPLB

Govt using uniform civil code to divert attention, says AIMPLB

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Days after Law Commission discharged a poll requesting answers and proposals from partners and overall population with respect to the Article 44 of Indian Constitution which talks about Uniform Civil Code, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board – a non-government association – on Thursday hammered the Central government. The board asserted that Law Commission’s turn was impacted by the legislature and that it was executing as an organ of the administration.

AIMPLB boss Wali Rehmani tended to the media and said: “Muslims will blacklist law commission poll, it is executing as an organ of the administration.” He promote included that the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is violative of the Constitution and the privilege to religion gave by it to each Indian.


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Rehmani also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that the move was an attempt to divert public’s attention from failure of 30 months of the government’s functioning. “They cannot protect India’s borders and seem to be fueling internal strife,” he said.

The members also claimed that Hindus practiced polygamy more than Muslims and also that the cases of divorce were more among Hindus as per the census.

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The AIMPLB’s announcement comes after Law Commission discharged a survey on October 7 which included 16 questions with respect to the significance and need of UCC, its effect on ladies’ improvement, triple talaq in addition to other things.

The poll comes in the setting of a case being heard in Supreme Court in regards to the significance of triple talaq. The case was documented by one Shayara Bano who tested the practice and her appeal to was later converged with comparative petitions by different associations including the Bhartiya Muslim Mahina Andolan.

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In its affidavit, the Centre had submitted in the apex court that triple talaq is not an integral part of


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