India could attack Pakistan today

India could attack Pakistan today

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India have lost 17 soldiers in Uri and 19 are seriously injured young Kpure voice rising with India that India should take a strong stand. India repeated attacks on Pakistan and India to quietly together in funky watches have been in force over the issue is raised at the UN called Muhtod India responded to Pakistan.

India and Pakistan have called the next time, but it will take action next time never comes hard on it but the case is somewhat different this time Prime Minister of India has made it clear that Uri will surely punish those responsible for the attack.

The Prime Minister has called a big meeting of top officials of the Ministry of Defence, National Security Advisor, RAW official, the home secretary, defense secretary, BSF Director General, DG Siarpiaf, and Grihmntry top officials.

The Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar today the Prime Minister will convey the current status of Uri. When looking at the government’s stance that it appeared that Modi is all set to learn to Pakistan soon.


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