India is going to take a step into space

India is going to take a step into space

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The Indian Space Agency, ISRO is looking at putting India. On September 8, the name of India would be one more feather. Indeed, under Modi’s Mitch inset with GSLV, ISRO is planning to launch -3 DR.DR is a weather satellite INSAT -3. India weather information associated with each one will be able to. The satellite features as well so that you will be shocked to find out about it.

Inset from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota on September 8 will be launched -3 DR. The flight of GSLV-F-5 has been named. Through the 2211-kg satellite will be launched inset -3 DR. Then they use their space rocket system will set itself. GSLV-F for 5 CUS engine is going to be made in the country. Modi is a glimpse of what’s in India.

DR is a modern weather satellite INSAT -3. With the best imaging systems have been identified. It is also engaged with art Attmosfiyr sounder. Inset -3 DR is already advanced than the other satellite. The satellite 40 is able to measure the temperature of the season approaches. It is thought that these advanced mapping system to a height of 70 kilometers can tell the temperature at 40 levels.

Though India’s three satellite imagery for weather-1, INSAT-3A and INSAT-3D already exist in space. But the beauty of it all, inset -3 DR offers. More precise details of the night clouds and fog will also. This will reduce India’s dependence on foreign agencies. Apart from these merits inset -3 DRs during disasters will also help people find and save.


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