Just planning a vacation in Iceland? Well, the Global Peace Index backs your plan!

Just planning a vacation in Iceland? Well, the Global Peace Index backs your plan!

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Iceland is, with no uncertainty, on top space in numerous explorers’ can rundown and why not, the nation is nothing not as much as Mother Nature’s own show-stopper! Adding more energy to this is the Global Peace Index (GPI) rankings for 2016 which names Iceland the most quiet nation on the planet for the 6th successive time. The last time they slipped from the top opening to second position was in 2010, that as well subsequent to being table toppers for 2008 and 2009.

Going by the numbers, it is rather easy to assume that Iceland is the safest country to visit, and barring of course, any natural calamity! As travelers, we don’t usually put much thought to many hidden (or unseen) aspects of a foreign land once we sort out our itinerary and room bookings. But then we have the Institute for Economics and Peace to do that for us! They keep in consideration key areas like political or military stability, the presence and prevalence of nuclear weapons, the law and order situation and the effectiveness of the police force and security personnel.

The low murder rate of the nation guarantees both local people and voyagers of a serene time in the midst of amazing scenes. Iceland burns through $242 million on savagery control which is path lower than numerous nations (for reference, UK which came in at number 47 in GPI, burns through $136 billion on the same region). Perhaps the most astounding measure of viciousness that this nation witnesses is on the arrangements of Game of Thrones! The monstrously mainstream show highlights numerous Icelandic destinations with regards to the solidified yet wonderful Beyond the Wall. Huge numbers of the scenes and battles highlighting the widely adored Jon Snow are shot in this shocking and definitely, quiet nation.


And in case you want to explore more places apart from Iceland, here are the top 10 safest holiday destinations on earth:

1. Iceland
2. Denmark
3. Austria
4. New Zealand
5. Portugal
6. Czech republic
7. Switzerland
8. Canada
9. Japan
10. Slovenia

Just in case you plan a vacation in Iceland, we suggest you start with capital Reykjavik and then move beyond the Wall!


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