Latest update Health news:  Corn soluble fiber may improve women’s bone health

Latest update Health news: Corn soluble fiber may improve women’s bone health

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According to new information that soluble corn fiber, it may improve women’s bone health, it is cleared with the new research from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, at here concept based on the SFC means Soluble corn fiber, it is really important for the improve bones of women and their retention. From research, SCF helps create packaged food products that have lower sugar contents, while providing a valuable source of dietary fiber.

They targeted to judge the way the dose of SCF affected calcium absorption, bone qualities, and stomach microbiome in adolescent and postmenopausal women.

Weakness of bone is normal effect in women due to some reason, for their solution Evidence suggests that SCF has many of the same health benefits associated with intact dietary fiber found in grains, vegetables, legumes, and fruit. SCF may improve intestinal regularity and has prebiotic properties. Moreover, SCF supports healthy blood glucose control and supports bone health by increasing calcium absorption.

For making clear concept of bone strength retention, within the postmenopausal study, 14 healthy postmenopausal women consumed grams, 10 grams, or 20 grams of SCF every single day for 50 days. The ladies within the groups that received 10 grams and 20 grams – amounts which are present in supplement form – displayed bone calcium retention improvement by 4.8 percent and seven percent, correspondingly. It may improve women’s bone health


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