Longevity record- Greenland shark may live 400 years

Longevity record- Greenland shark may live 400 years

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In Greenland- Such is the life of the Greenland shark—a 5-meter-long predator that may live more than 400 years. According to a new study, making it the longest lived vertebrate by at least a century and Researchers suspected that Greenland sharks’ exceptionally slow growth meant that they lived a long time, but they had no idea just how long that might be. That is, until now.

The oldest Greenland shark found by researchers was most likely around 392 years old, although the range of possible ages stretches from 272 to 512 years. The title of the world’s longest-lived animal is held by Ming, an Icelandic clam known as an ocean quahog that made it to 507 years before scientists bumped it off.


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