A New equation of ‘Einstein’

A New equation of ‘Einstein’

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A New equation of ‘Einstein’ suggesting that wormholes hold the key to quantum gravity

Recently, there’s a new equation revolving around the world of physics which is used to solve the factor which is Entangled in the quantum physics, hope that new equation help to solve that problems.

The equation is pretty easy to remember: ER=EPR and people think that it would have made Einstein very proud. Through this, researchers hope to solve some of the oldest paradoxical puzzles of the scientific world.

To me it seems obvious that if ER=EPR is true it is a very big deal, and it must affect the foundations and interpretation of quantum mechanics.” Apart from this, in his paper, Susskind also speaks about how quantum fields can also be entangled. Scientist hope is that it provides the new guideline of science to hold the key of quantum physics.



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