North Korea thundered from the sky to scare the American Supersonic Plane Bomber

North Korea thundered from the sky to scare the American Supersonic Plane Bomber

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North Korea conducted nuclear tests was just recently. After the nuclear test, North Korea and South Korea to console scare the American Supersonic Bomber Plane South Korea heavens roared. America has a special power over the skies of South Korea performed. Through which North Korea has tried to give the message that the US has with South Korea. The strength of the American Supersonic bomber plane in the sky has been performed, they are also capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

The US and South Korea, the regular American Supersonic bomber jets escort plane made regular. US B-1 bombers, some 120 km from the border with North Korea, Osan airbase were seen flying over. The claim made by a photographer of the Associated Press. Kienchi looking pictures of these aircraft. Being told that US aircraft landed in South Korea will return to its base in Guam without.

However, South Korea and North Korea over the decades of hostility between standing in an environment of such people here do not bother blowing. But here it is normal for. The year after the 1950-53 war between the Koreas had any peace treaty. South Korea and the peace treaty with North Korea due to lack of both countries are technically still at war. South Korea does not have nuclear weapons. The dictator of North Korea nuclear test remains consistently defying all the rules.

North Korea, South Korea, to avoid these situations always is dependent on US nuclear protection. In South Korea, more than 28 thousand US soldiers have posted on here. North Korea says it is always the presence of American troops in South Korea to prove that she always believed her enemies. North Korea needs its nuclear program explains why. While America says that he is just here to protect South Korea has deployed its forces.


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