Obama’s five million people seeking to declare Pakistan a terrorist country

Obama’s five million people seeking to declare Pakistan a terrorist country

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Pakistan declared a terrorist country is seeking to emphasize the grips. US President at the White House office of five million people signed online petitions have been received in this regard.

Petition (PIL) seeking to declare Pakistan a terrorist supporting country has been. According to the American system of a million people on an issue is the obligation of the president’s office to demand that he give his answer. From this perspective, it is the demand of five times as many people. The online petition started by a person named on September 21 of RG.

President’s Office within 30 days to answer the petition of a million people are in need. But this figure must be completed in less than a week, and now the number of those seeking has reached five million. It is believed that part of the campaign at the White House in a few days, will petition million. October 21 is the deadline for accepting petitions.

Scientific expedition at Georgetown University in the US, according to Anju Preet million people before we will not wait. According to sources, the Obama administration will make its stand clear on demand for 60 days. Anju Preet, according to the time of action. So each person’s responsibility to send a petition involving ten people to inspire. Our money should be spent on welfare work, not terrorism.


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