Pakistan closes Karachi’s airspace, preparations to launch missile!

Pakistan closes Karachi’s airspace, preparations to launch missile!

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Pakistan is taking out its pains in other ways, after eating mouth on all the international forums at the diplomatic level in India at the hands of India for the removal of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan has decided to shut down its airspace once again. The Imran government of Pakistan has closed Karachi air space for the next three days. Not only this, Pakistan is also going to test the missile to see its preparedness amidst tension between the two countries.

Pakistan has issued a warning to its airmen and navy regarding missile testing. Testing of this missile will also be in the airspace of Karachi. On the other hand, the Railway Minister of Pakistan has also announced the date of possible war between India and Pakistan. Please tell that after the Indian Air Force air strike in Balakot, Pakistan closed its airspace for several months.

Fawad Hussain Chaudhary, a minister in the Pakistani government, had said that the PTI government of Pakistan was considering a complete shutdown of all airspace for India. However, the airport administration has blamed technical problems in flight operations behind the closure of Karachi airspace.

Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid has once again predicted war in the government of Pakistan. In a seminar on Wednesday, Minister Sheikh Rashid said that I see war between India and Pakistan happening in October-November, and today I have come here to prepare the community. Sheikh Rashid said that the weapons that the Pakistani Army has, are not for showing but for use.

In his address, the Pakistani minister said that we will raise this issue again and again in front of the United Nations, he will once again visit Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Sheikh Rashid said that Pakistan will continue fighting for Kashmir till the end. A Pakistani journalist has also posted a video of this statement of Sheikh Rashid on Twitter.

On the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan is badly troubled by not meeting with any forum and country. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is repeatedly threatening nuclear war and has said that if any country did not support Pakistan, then Pakistan will fight alone till the last point of blood.


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