Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in the country to US lawmakers introduced a bill to declare

Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in the country to US lawmakers introduced a bill to declare

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America’s two major political parties of the two influential lawmakers to declare Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism in the House of Representatives have introduced a bill. Members of Congress and chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, Ted Poe said, now is the time that we have to pay him for the fraud of Pakistan close to her and she declared that she is “a state sponsor of terrorism ‘. “State sponsors of terrorism Dejigneshn Pakistan Act and the Republican Party to the Democratic Party Congressman Poe introduced by Dana Rohrabacr. Rohrabacr terrorism impressive Committee ranking member of Congress.

Po said not to believe worthy ally Pakistan is not only America’s enemies, but he also has the help of the years and is encouraged. He harboring Osama bin Laden, from its close relationship with the Haqqani network, are proof enough of the fact that the war against terrorism in Pakistan which the US side do not offend it.

Poe said that the passage of the bill to President Barack Obama to issue a report in 90 days will tell whether Pakistan provided support to international terrorism. He said, 30 days after the Secretary of State must issue a report in which they either Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism, or an explanation would be to say that legally the sponsoring terrorism Pakistan Why can not the country declared.

Meanwhile, Pete Olson, another member of Congress, said Indian army base in Kashmir, I strongly condemn the terrorist attack in which 18 Indian soldiers were killed. Peace is a strong partner and ally India. Olson said, I find the perpetrators of this despicable act supports every effort so that the perpetrators can be brought to justice. I convey condolences to the families of the victims. Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP) -yuesa said, “Pakistan for about 30 years as its strategic policy so that it is sponsoring terrorism across the border to carry out their evil intentions.

In the process, Pakistan has become the center of global terrorism and the cradle. He OFBJP-USA believes that Pakistanis in Uri on the Indian army is attacked, it was carried out by the intruders, another phenomenon of terrorism should not be described, but also acts of war against India by Pakistan Pakistan and India should be seen as retaliation for tightened should teach.


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