Petrol-diesel prices rise, alcohol prices also rise

Petrol-diesel prices rise, alcohol prices also rise

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The people of Madhya Pradesh have suffered another setback due to recession and inflation. Now petrol and diesel have become expensive in the state. Alcohol prices have also increased. The state government has increased the rate of VAT on petrol, diesel and alcohol by five percent.

According to the order issued late Friday, VAT on petrol has been increased from 28 to 33 percent, while diesel will now be levied 23 percent VAT instead of 18. VAT on liquor has been increased from five to 10 percent.

Increasing the VAT by five percent will increase the price of petrol by two rupees 91 paise. Diesel will also be expensive by two rupees 86 paise. The government expects to earn an additional Rs 250 crore in this month.


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