PM Modi had made the army of the war room and went into Pakistan, terror camp plan blow

PM Modi had made the army of the war room and went into Pakistan, terror camp plan blow

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Uri area of Jammu and Kashmir since the terrorist attack on an army base in the whole country is on fire in revenge! The general public, the government, the pressure has to attack retort! Now the government to release six of the enemy in full action mode, it’s looking!

According to information received from sources, the incident two days later, on September 20 the Prime Minister hosts concrete strategy with the three chief war room in South Block remained two and a half hours spent in military action plan against terrorism discussed! The September 18 terrorist attacks occurred in Uri in our 18 soldiers were martyred!

According to information received with Modi in the war room of his National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and the three Service Chiefs, Army Chief Dalbir Singh Suhag, Air Force and Navy Chief Admiral Sunil tall chief Arup Raha were present!

To the Prime Minister for all the intelligence in the war room and important information on enemy targets! On a large table in front of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, a key regular bases maintained maps, which were exposed to PM!

Become a militant camp in Pakistan as Prime Minister in front of the model of sand placed!

How these camps can be dismantled, was informed about her! Chief of the War of the three conditions required plan!

The Prime Minister of War armies on every aspect of their preparation complete information about! Modi has also been reported that in the war room by Power Point presentation was shown to the whole plan!

Please tell the country’s security in the war room, all activities are monitored! Earlier, Prime Minister in 2014, going through the war room was in the Army preparing for the operation! That was a time of tension between India and Pakistan!

Subsequently, India’s best known and was selected a team of Para Commandos, LoC by Cross, located in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, the Pakistani terrorist camp was to blow!

September 20 at night, by the Para Commandos attacked and destroyed three camps! Being informed of the attack, 20 Pakistani militants were killed and nearly 200 were injured!

Possibly commando team on cross LoC Army helicopter, air drop was on the other side!

Immediately after the attack, Pakistan and PoK full, no-fly zone was declared, that way all the flights have been canceled!

As we all expected, the Indian Army Surgical Strike neither confirmed nor denied it! Israel does exactly what!


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