Rio Olympics 2016: Opening ceremony- Rio ready to welcome world’s game

Rio Olympics 2016: Opening ceremony- Rio ready to welcome world’s game

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The Rio Olympic 2016 Summer Games begins in progress with strong massage Friday night in Rio de Janeiro in a festive opening ceremony filled with the traditions of the host country. It spread a strong message to the world with favorite platform like a message of environmentalism and a call for unity.
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This is amazing experience in opening ceremony that the four-hour Opening Ceremonies had a gutted budget but a soaring feel as the stadium in this seaside city pulsed with lights, fireworks, circus-like acrobatics and a samba singalong that embraced the nation’s partying style. It is secure and rocking start of summer Olympic sports 2016.

Rio Olympics 2016

RIO DE JANEIRO begins with captivating and the sound of crashing waves and smooth bossa nova, performance start with the Brazil hosting way and Brazil showcased its rich history and cultural heritage, combined with Rio’s famous ‘Samba’ dance, and the Summer Games kicked off Friday night with an earthy, musical celebration of Brazilian culture, a rainbow-colored dance party that highlighted the glories and tragedies of South America’s largest country.
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Football incredible Pele was accepted to have been pencilled in to light the environmentally friendly Olympic cauldron before being a late scratching because of poor health. In their absence and rememorize them, leaving 2004 men’s marathon bronze medalist Vanderlei de Lima to do the honors.


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