Russia deployed nuclear missiles in the Baltic region

Russia deployed nuclear missiles in the Baltic region

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Moscow, Reuters. Russia’s strategic nuclear missiles in Kaliningrad, the Baltic region has important are. Russian enclave bordered by Poland and Lithuania are limitations. Moscow clarified that the missiles have been deployed as part of regular military exercises.

The Russian Defense Ministry on Saturday Iskandr-M missiles in the region confirmed. Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said: “These missiles have been deployed in the Kaliningrad region in the east. For the training of the Russian Armed Forces in the future it will be deployed. ”

Russia’s move is raising concerns in the western world, including the US. These missiles are capable of hitting seven hundred kilometers. Berlin is also in the JD. A US intelligence official said Russia’s move could be a way of expressing displeasure with NATO. NATO member Lithuania has asked to file a protest with the Russian Federation. According to the Russian Foreign Minister is usually adopts such a stunt.


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