Said the grand alliance embattled : JDU edification

Said the grand alliance embattled : JDU edification

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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar after his release from prison Mokshabuddin about his colleague’s comments stung JD-U, RJD has warned for the first time in a bitter tone. Party leader Vijender Yadav said that the Alliance is everybody’s responsibility to run. RJD supremo Lalu Prasad and his party leaders rhetorical pause. If you have any problem with all the people decide on their own responsibility.

The statement of RJD’s biggest party grand alliance seen as being hard edification. Mokshabuddin name and without referring to his statement only Raghuvansh Prasad Yadav JD-U leader Vijender Singh’s statements refer to try to minimize the importance of the MP Raghuvansh Prasad, senior RJD leaders expressed mentioned Byanoen can not be ignored. It is intolerable for JDU.

While there, the fire kept Vijender Yadav RJD, JD-U’s Lalan Singh, BJP demands placed side. Discussing the legal aspects of the law is difficult to try to tell the CCA.

Vijender leader Raghuvansh Prasad Yadav attacked the RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav cleaned Rhkte appeal to their leaders to stop making statements counterproductive. The RJD leader Raghuvansh Prasad Singh repeated statements against the coalition. This smallness is not in the interest of the alliance.

Opposition BJP, but are even more harsh comments Raghuvansh Prasad. Lalu Prasad would therefore like to appeal to the senior leaders to find an Stop statement. If it is a problem we all have a responsibility.

Shahabuddin Vijender Yadav said about why they are important? National vice president Raghuvansh Prasad Singh said the media needs to come in.

The Lalan Singh Kae take any border crossing that begins the discussion Haeti. JD-U leader made the statement against Rhajad. We also expect that the RJD to take any red lines not to cross. Shahabuddin CCA demands on the law, not the rule in the case of the man Naa CCA began months ago. Shahabuddin eleven year old case CCA is seeking.

CBI had investigated the killings began Kyaen rajdev Dikwaange. The rule of law and will remain in the state, it will not take any agreement is. Kae public need not fear. Shahabuddin’s remarks, said that in the eleven years I admired him, we do not expect.


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