Scientist’s new technique to create electricity with changing of carbon dioxide

Scientist’s new technique to create electricity with changing of carbon dioxide

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Scientist, try to combat the increasing rate of climate change, they have focused on the chief culprit: carbon dioxide. Scientist discovers the solution to prevent the excess co2 and convert it into electricity. In recently study Cornell University researchers reveal a novel method for capturing the greenhouse gas and converting it to a useful product — while producing electrical energy. Carbon Engineering’s planned system could only capture only about 450 tones of CO2 each year.

“The fact that we’ve designed a carbon capture technology that also generates electricity is, in and of itself, important,” he said. “One of the roadblocks to adopting current carbon dioxide capture technology in electric power plants is that the regeneration of the fluids used for capturing carbon dioxide utilizes as much as 25 percent of the energy output of the plant. The energy produced by the cell is comparable to that produced by the highest energy-density battery systems. This seriously limits commercial viability of such technology. That is fact that Scientist work on the polluted Carbon die oxide which are harmful for the human life. They designed carbon capture device which produce beneficial fuel and generate electricity with the help of accumulate co2 from the atmosphere.

Additionally, the captured carbon dioxide must be transported to sites where it can be sequestered or reused, which requires new infrastructure.” For accumulation of CO2 from nature Scientist work with technologies.

The group reported that their electrochemical cell generated 13 ampere hours per gram of porous carbon (as the cathode) at a discharge potential of around 1.4 volts. It is best researchable subject that reduce the bad effect of CO2 and convert in the fuels. Scientists in Canada are developing an industrial carbon dioxide recycling plant that could one day suck CO2 out of the atmosphere and convert it into a zero-carbon e-diesel fuel. In future it becomes best source of natural fuel.


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