Tremendous !! So what Israili PM said Pakistan with 56’ll see everyone

Tremendous !! So what Israili PM said Pakistan with 56’ll see everyone

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Recently, he was a happy event because Pakistan Muslim League of Nations was an 56 spoke to support Pakistan on Kashmir | Well, he was not speaking on behalf of a country and that the composition is such that it does not have any Muslim country | However Pakistan was only then pretends to be happy |

But Pakistan’s joy was a statement made on behalf of the Israel office of the PM changed into sorrow | 56 of the 56 countries it has on Israel Tenge open statement that he is with India | India is not alone ever | Whenever, any help would ever India we always stand with India | He also said that military intelligence spy agency or with the help of the technical assistance will be all kinds |

Please tell which Israel is a small country surrounded by Muslim countries around but all the Muslim countries, such as the cat looking at her trembling a fixed constant state of rat becomes thinner | Israel, several Arab countries have different wars has good taste:

Israel considers India a strong friend because when the whole world was against Jews and had tortured them only India had given shelter here and was given full honors | India as a country first recognized Israel | Pakistanis do not lose sight of the people of Israel as a favor and support is always open to Israel, India |


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