Unchanged Petrol & Diesel Prices

Unchanged Petrol & Diesel Prices

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The petrol and diesel prices have increased 26 times in 2021 with the two auto fuels increasing by Rs 7.46 and Rs 7.60 p. Petrol and diesel prices have been rising continuously since February 9. The increase in the previous weeks has taken petrol to cross historic high levels of Rs 100 a litre in several cities across the country.
Oil marketing companies kept fuel prices unchanged for the eighth consecutive day across the four metros on Sunday. Diesel rates are revised on a daily basis. Diesel prices are revised at 06:00 a.m. every day. In tandem with petrol prices, diesel prices too were unchanged in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata at Rs 81.47, Rs 88.60, Rs 86.45 and Rs 84.35 per litre respectively.
Petrol, Diesel Prices Today, March 8, 2021: Fuel prices remain unchanged for 9th consecutive day. New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged for 9th consecutive day on Monday as oil marketing companies kept the rates at pause. Here is looking at the price difference of diesel and petrol in four metro cities on March 8, 2021. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata.
Petrol and diesel prices are revised on a daily basis in line with benchmark international price and foreign exchange rates. You can also check petrol rate in other cities of Delhi today and the change in the pricing in comparison to the previous day.

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