US nigh to Using Genetically improve mosquitoes that could fight Zika

US nigh to Using Genetically improve mosquitoes that could fight Zika

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The United States always try to make anti of Zika, he has taken another step toward clearing the method for a trial of genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida as a way of reducing populations of mosquitoes that carry Zika. It covers the Zika virus caused by mosquitoes; it is spread mostly by the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito

Florida Health authorities have identified 16 cases of Zika spread by local mosquitoes and expect there may be more. Zika virus badly affects the fetus of pregnant women and Infection during pregnancy can cause certain birth defects. For their solution FDA (food and drugs administration) has already approved several diagnostic products under this designation. These mosquitoes are aggressive daytime biters and there were first detected last year in Brazil, where it has been linked to over 1,700 cases of microcephaly. There is no vaccine or medicine for Zika that can prevent the Zika virus.

At Chicago health regulators make the best solution and genetically modification of mosquitoes in Florida that can decrease mosquito populations, potentially offering a new tool to fight the local spread of Zika and other viruses.


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