Without compromising the battle of POK is also India: IAF chief

Without compromising the battle of POK is also India: IAF chief

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On Thursday, Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha was speaking to the media. Talking to the media in which they have some-such things usually do not hear. Yes, leaders often get to hear such words are tongue. But his words are similar to hear or not to hear. Especially towards Pakistan. Because according to their convenience, are the advantages in terms of speaking out.

But yesterday, air force chief Air Chifmarshl means ‘Arup Raha’, a word on the issue of self PoK. K Pak Okyupaid PoK mean, the part of Kashmir occupied by Pakistan is. And if such participation in strategic decisions, with a man saying something should be heard. Be sure to have as its later analysis.

He said that India would have the PoK. If we talk of high moral values and not make use of the military. He then said that the India-Pakistan War of 1971 took place. Before that we had not used the way the Air Force. East Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1971 after the war.

India-Pakistan War of 1965, air force chief was referring to. Yet one of the biggest of which is considered Ground Battles. The Air Force was not used. And which was used by the tanks. It is said that he was like 17 days of World War 2.

Air Chief said a thing. That these security issues that we are much more idealistic rather than practical, we are little. Between them, he repeatedly referred to the power of the Air Force said. He also mentioned 1947. The Army Air Force transport plane at the time of the people who were going to war was to take place.

And when we had to go with military solutions and we began to morality, and I think that is why we have gone to the United Nations have a Peaceful Solution.”

So as of 1965, he was very sorry. They say, we still have not used the air force operating from East Pakistan, the Pakistani Air Force was attacking on the attack. India Air Base and other vital infrastructure directly to their target was.

So it makes sense. Then the war was necessary. And if they speak in terms of the army was near capacity. PoK and Lahore, which was supposed to take the same time. And if the peace agreement is signed. So now why are populated false shout?


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